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The Cold War between the United States and China is still going on. This war will go on for a long time, even if one wins. This war is rooted in the region as well as in the economy. China is rapidly becoming an economic challenge to the United States, and its extraordinary growth has forced the United States to impose economic sanctions on China. This annoyance of the United States is also an announcement of its undeclared defeat. In such a situation, it was inevitable for China to retaliate, which it did. After that, the US President himself made defamatory statements against China. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry gave a "shut-up call" to the United States. The United States has banned Chinese technology company Huawei. It made it almost impossible for China to access FiveG technology, but the frustration did not end when China made it clear to the United States that it had completed work on FiveG technology with its own resources, and the shock of the ban on Huawei. Can easily tolerate Huawei has also begun to gain a foothold in Asian markets outside of US markets by improving its technology, while according to a report, Huawei could also benefit from European markets.

According to US experts, Trump's poor policies have widened the gulf between China and the United States, which does not appear to be closing in the near future. According to him, the United States should have given China a tough time, to improve its trade, to go to more markets, to improve the situation in Africa and make it a market. But imposing sanctions in this way would not send a message of weakness to the world. A large segment of the world also believes that the Corona virus is a product of the US-China war, which is taking its toll on the world. It can be true. And what is the reality? Its secret will be revealed only after many years. At the moment, the situation is such that China has become a challenge for the United States in the region. The US thought that if it slapped India on the shoulder, it would give China a tough time. But here American research and calculations proved wrong. India could not give China a tough time in any field despite the slaps of the United States, on the contrary, it began to be alone in the region. A recent example of this is the major developments in Iran, where Iran has sidelined India and started making trade friends with China. According to a recent agreement, China will invest 400 billion in Iran over the next 25 years. Estimate how big this amount is in 2018, when the government needed ارب 6 billion to avoid default and run the country. The volume of C-Pack of Pakistan and China is currently about 65 65 billion. Chah Bihar is 172 km from Gwadar. It is also a deep water port. Shortly after Pakistan and China launched C-Pack, India announced work with Iran on the Chahbahar port. India's real intention was to sit here and promote proxy war in Pakistan and destabilize Pakistan. Iran was also in the anti-Pakistan camp because of India and its territory was also used against Pakistan. India's sole purpose in this whole affair was to use Chah-e-Bihar to harm Pakistan and C-Pak. While this situation was unacceptable for Pakistan, it was also unacceptable for China and that is why after a few years of hard work and backdoor diplomacy, Iran has now shaken hands with China and on the other hand India has plans for Chah-e-Bihar. Sidelined from According to Iran, India's plan was to impose 'Mufti' from Bihar. He was only talking verbally while Iran was spending money. Investment is a difficult task for Iran, which is mired in global sanctions. Therefore, keeping in view the situation, Iran has sidelined India and preferred friendship with China. Due to this situation, the Modi government is being severely criticized in India as well On the one hand, Pakistan can benefit from Chah-e-Bihar, while Iran can also benefit from Gwadar and C-Pack. India's influence is also disappearing from Iran, so now Pakistan will also deal with Iran in different ways. As far as Saudi-Iranian relations are concerned, this ideological Cold War began after the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and will probably continue in the future. Therefore, both countries have to accept each other, respect each other's religious views and, most importantly, get out of the abyss.


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