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Pakistan's best sales training programs to cover every stage of the sales process. .From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management, our suite of sales training programs has your sales team covered. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and professionals all over the Pakistan to help them improve sales skills and increase sales significantly.

The Most Effective Sales Training

While 85-90% of sales training fails, yours doesn’t have to. Our sales training programs deliver 94% learning engagement and our learning system boosts knowledge retention by 170%, so skills are learned, applied, and transferred on-the-job.

World-Class Sales Method

Our sales method is top-rated and STP was named to Selling Power’s 2019 Top Sales Training Companies list. All programs are research-based with insights from the STP Center for Sales Research, and field-tested, proven to work for hundreds of thousands of sellers in Pakistan.

Complete Learning System

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system that includes assessment, program customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that learning happens over time to drive behavior change and top performance.

Sales Training Program suitable for every business in Pakistan, where sales involved; For example;

Automotive, Auto parts, chemicals, commodities, engineering,financials industrials, pharmaceuticals, textiles,Cell phones retailer,Private airlines, travel & tourism,Brokerage, banking, agricultural equipment,Fashion retailer,Commercial bank, Cement, energy, fertilizer, financials, power generation, real estate, steel, Media, television,Commercial/retail bank, Hotel management,IT services, softwares, consulting & media holding company, Real estate developer,Apparel, accessories, footwear, sportswear, sports equipment,Public bus & cargo service,Cooking Oil & ghee,dairy products, snacks,Online retailer/E-commerce,Electronics and home appliances,State owned, Life insurance,Confectionery, Electrical distribution,Tyres retailer & manufacturing,Commercial vehicles & trucks,Bakery chain,Electronics and home appliances,Yunani &  medicines, Telecommunications,Confectionery, fruit processing, Courier,Brewery,Spices, Manufacturer of pAyurvedicackaging papers & items, notable tissue papers brand , Tobacco,Soft Drinks, Shoes retailer & manufacturing, Doctors, Private Schools, Private Colleges, NGO's & etc.

We also provides costomized trainings as per organization requirement.Giver us opportunity to avaluate current issues of organization.

Our Sales Training Programs

Buyer-Focused Prospecting | Professional Selling Skills | Strategic Selling | Conceptual Selling | Selling Conversations

Executive Impact | Negotiation Skillst | Securing Appointments | Account Management Process | Sales Consulting

Digital Learning | How to Sell Like a Pro |Cross and Up Selling | Unlock The Wealth Triangle | Insight Selling

Mindset, Scale, Skills & Mindset | Closing The Sale | Selling via Social Media| Selling via Electronic Media| Selling via Print

Media | Selling via Out Door Media | Selling via Video Marketing | Selling via Channel Partnership | Selling via Refferal Marketing


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