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Forca RTGS-405 Jewelry Joint Miter Tubing Cutting Jig Vise - 45º / 60 º / 90 º / 120 º & 135º Degree Angle Cutter Tool

Jewelry Joint Miter

  • This Jeweler's Miter Jig Saw Vise cut and file exact 45° degree, 60° degree, 90° degree, 120° degree and 135° degree angles on Wire, Tubing, and Flat Sheet Stock.
  • This tool is specially designed for the production of Rhombus, Rhomboids, Squares, Rectangles, Trapezoids, Hexagons, Octagons, etc.
  • Get Amazing results with perfect joints and equilateral geometrical shapes. Great for the Construction of metal boxes, catches and joints, brooches, hinges, frames, clasps, fittings, findings, Stone Settings,etc.
  • Furnished with a Cutter Guide Rod to regulate the lengths of cuts.
  • Our jewelers jig vise miter block is guaranteed life time for materials and workmanship. Made in (varies from countries) : Germany, Austria.

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