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Even existing customers are sometimes unaware of the options and opportunities you have to offer.

cross selling & up selling

Cross and Up Selling

Learn sales through cross selling and up selling.

It’s your job as a customer service professional to make them aware and to help them meet their needs with the variety of products and services you provide. This involves knowing when and how to cross sell and upsell by asking the right questions in the right way and presenting alternatives skillfully.

What You’ll Learn

This 3-hour online course will help you recognize and use opportunities, adding value for customers. Apply a cross and up selling process to make decisions easy or customers. Learn to listen acutely to spot opportunities and ask high-gain questions to uncover unspoken needs.

Why you want to learn it

Service and sales professionals double as problem solvers. You try to help customers make decisions to best meet their needs and make them happy. This can be a delicate situation as you seek to cross sell and upsell without appearing pushy. The insights in this course enable you to identify ways to provide a more complete solution, increasing value for customer, you, and your organization.

How it will help you

You will be able to apply proven methods for opening customers’ eyes to the possibilities that you have to offer. Help customers see that, even with an increased initial expense, your suggestions add more value. The end result is win-win -- a satisfied customer and additional sales.

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