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The implementation of CPEC linked projects is continued amid the pandemic outbreak.

saindak project

Saindak Project

Pace of Saindak project under CPEC remains unaffected despite COVID-19 outbreak

The implementation of CPEC linked projects is continued amid the pandemic outbreak. The managing director of Saindak project informed that pace of the project has not been affected by the outspread of COVID-19. All workers, including Chinese and Pakistani, are undertaking precautionary measures and committed to the timely completion of the project. The director further ensured employees are working in good health and spirit..

BEIJING Managing Director of Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC) Copper-Gold Saindak project said that despite enormous pressure in wake of combating COVID-19 all the Chinese staff are sticking to their posts and no one has asked to return to China. According to Gwadar Pro, currently, the project is running normally. COVID-19 epidemic could not obstruct construction of CPEC. MCC Saindak project is adjacent to Iran and Afghanistan. Thereby the company is facing great threat of COVID-19, however it has still guaranteed the robust production and construction to the maximum extent. Staff of MCC Saindak said that, “The epidemic has brought various impacts to our project. In order to keep the construction of CPEC, we have taken a series of actions to cope with the outbreak, so that our project is still running normally.” To prevent and control the epidemic, the company has distributed protective equipment such as mask and sanitizer. Meanwhile MCC has started working in three shifts for 24 hours. Offices, operation areas and vehicles of Saindak are also disinfected strictly every day. Besides, the company has implemented military-style management to decrease infective risks for personnel. Saindak closed all entrances and exits of the project. Except necessary transportation of production and logistic supplies, all the entrances and exits of Saindak project are strictly restricted. The MCC’s management has also taken a series of measures to ensure the normal production and operation of the project, such as: Suspending the leave of both Chinese and Pakistani employees to ensure that the personnel are able to meet the needs of on-site production. According to the production plan and the requirements of monthly guarantees, operating the collection and selection system, and severally gradually attaining the production tasks; Closely following up the market of heavy oil, explosives and other production materials; Making full use of favorable climate in spring, and accelerate the orderly excavation of both north and south ore bodies. Up to now, there are 178 Chinese personnel and 973 Pakistani employees in Saindak mining area, 7 Chinese personnel in the Karachi office. All of them are working in the production and construction of CPEC with good health and normal life. -Source:




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