Inventions of the Year 2020 - Accessibility
Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit More Inclusive Gaming
More than 46 million gamers in the U.S. live with a disability, and for some, standard controllers, mouses and keyboards can be challenging to operate...Read More
Steadier Power Chairs LUCI
Power wheelchairs can be a lot more dangerous than they look. The devices, which weigh up to 400 lb., are prone to tips and collisions, sometimes resulting in serious injuries like broken bones... Read More
Mimicking Sound Waves Earlens Contact Hearing Solution
Most hearing aids do a decent job of amplifying mid tones but struggle with the highs and lows, resulting in sound that is flat and dull... Read More
Martin Bionics Socket-Less Socket A More Comfortable Socket
Thanks to microprocessors and robotics, artificial limbs have hit new heights of innovation. But the socket— the molded plastic piece that attaches prosthesis to person—hasn’t made such major strides. Until now... Read More
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